Sweet potato mix (1.2kg)

Sweet potato mix (1.2kg)

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A mix of three types of sweet potatoes: Beniharuka, Silk Sweet, and Anno-imo.

Approximately 1.2 kg, about 400g for each kind. (Half size of the other potato mix)

Note: Number of potatoes depend on the size.

Beniharuka: Sweetest of all three types

.  Tubular in shape. You can eat this right away and will be sweet.  An all-time favorite for making steamed sweet potatoes (yakiimo).

Silk Sweet: Silky texture, roundish in shape, light hue inside. You can let this one sit for a while before eating, so that it gets sweeter.

Anno-imo: Balanced flavor, originally from Okinawa.  Roundish in shape, pink skin. Dark yellow inside when cooked. This kind will definitely taste better (sweeter) if you let it sit for a week or two.