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by a small family operation

add some kale to your life!

Juice it or eat it raw

Free-range eggs

from our happy chickens

fresh and organic, and

nutrient-dense produce

health conscious, environmentally conscious,

ethically conscious

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Kasamatsu Farms

Eggs of free-range chickens (6 pack) 平飼い鶏の有精卵

通常価格 ¥1,150
単価  あたり 
税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。


Watch how we aim to live a sustainable lifestyle

Watch us on VICE Asia (Published on Nov 12, 2020)

farm info

Location: 9280 Magino, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 252-0186

+Online store open hours are:  Friday 5pm-Monday 2pm

+We harvest on Tuesdays, and deliver it by Wednesday (within Kanto region)

For inquiries, email us at:

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