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Fresh oregano has a robust, woodsy flavor that makes it one of our go-to herbs in the kitchen. Here are some ways to use fresh oregano in your cooking:

  1. Oregano + Chicken: Roasted, baked, poached or grilled — any way you want to cook your chicken, oregano can make it taste even better. Whisk minced oregano into a marinade or stuff whole sprigs inside the chicken before roasting. 

  2. Herbed Dinner Rolls: I love the flavor (and aroma!) of this herb when baked into a soft yeasted roll, either by itself or with other fresh herbs. Finely mince a few tablespoons and knead them right into the bread dough. 

  3. Burger Seasoning: You’ll get a brighter, fresher flavor if you use oregano from the garden instead of from the spice jar when making your burgers. A tablespoon or two worked into the ground meat will have your party guests wondering what your secret ingredient might be.

  4. Oregano + Beans: This is a match made in heaven. Chop up a few tablespoons of fresh oregano and add it to a pot of home-cooked beans in the last fifteen minutes or so of cooking. Your entire pot will be infused with that earthy oregano flavor.

  5. Oregano Pesto: Basil isn’t the only herb in the garden when it comes to pesto! Oregano makes a particularly robust and savory pesto. Try drizzling it over a salad, tossing it with roasted vegetables, or brushing it over flatbreads.

Weight: 15g