Gifting services

At Kasamatsu Farms, you could do one of two things with our gifting services.

1) Put together a box as a gift for a friend. Go through the site and make a purchase. At checkout, mention that you'd like to add a personalized note for that special someone. We'll personally handwrite the message! (free of charge)

2) Send a gift card. You can purchase a gift card online and send it to a friend. Your purchase should trigger an email to be sent to the email you typed in when you purchased, and you can forward that link to your friend. (Sorry, still trying to figure out if I can tailor it so you can put in your email for confirmation of order + the gift card code can be sent directly to your friend's email). If you really would prefer that the link goes directly to your friend, please email me and I can figure it out for you separately.  There is no expiration date, and we offer 3000, 5000, 10000, and 20000 yen gift cards.